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15 August 2022

Vroon Group signs five-year contract with Lloyd’s Register



On Thursday 11 August, Maarten Veenstra from Lloyd’s Register (LR) visited our Breda office to sign a five-year joint contract with Vroon Group (Livestock Express, Iver Ships and Vroon Offshore Services) for providing Marine Management Systems (MMS) certification. Following a thorough and successful tender process, LR was recently selected as the new certification provider.


MMS certification ensures the Company management systems meet the international safety management (ISM) code requirements and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards. By implementation and regular auditing of these adopted standards, the Company continuously improves its quality/environmental performance and structurally reduces the risks to life, equipment and the environment.


Get in touch with Group QHSE Manager Eric Rikken (eric.rikken@vroon.nl) for more information. 



From left to right in the photo: Maarten Veenstra (Business Development Manager, Lloyd's Register), Erik Mather (Manager Ship Management, Iver Ships), Niels Huisman (QHSE Manager, Livestock Express), Eric Rikken (Group QHSE Manager, Vroon), Niek Spiljard (Managing Director, Vroon Offshore Services Den Helder), Paul Pistorius (Managing Director, Livestock Express) and Olivier Pool (QHSE Manager, Vroon Offshore Services)




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