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15 August 2018

Fraudulent communications in Vroon name







This is an important notice on fraudulent communications sent to members of the public, claiming to be on behalf of companies within the Vroon Group.


We are continuing to witness incidents involving persons and organisations who pretend to recruit on behalf of Vroon or claim to work for, or be affiliated to, Vroon.


Such false propositions usually inform individuals that their qualifications have been found suitable to work as an employee (local or expatriate) for Vroon and solicit personal information. The primary goals of the perpetrators of this type of fraud appear to be:

(1) Extorting money from job candidates by requiring advance payments, e.g. for visa and work permits; and

(2) Obtaining personal information to enable identity theft.


At Vroon we take great pride in our ethical and fair-hiring practices and we view this matter extremely seriously.


Please note that neither Vroon nor any organisation recruiting on its behalf, would ever ask for any type of payment from applicants during the recruitment process. Furthermore, individuals who receive an offer of employment from Vroon, whether directly or indirectly, will have always been required to complete a formal recruitment process prior to any offer being made.


Seafarers interested in employment with a Vroon company should ensure any contact is made directly with a bona-fide Vroon office. Contact details for all offices can be found on the Vroon website (www.vroon.nl/contact).


If you are concerned you may have received a fraudulent job offer, please contact our Crewing colleagues by e-mail on crewcareers@vroon.nl.


Diederic van Keulen, Vroon Group Head Crewing

E: Groupcrewing@vroon.nl


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